Money, Health, and Other Things

Educational Blog in the Area of Family and Consumer Sciences for the Middle Peninsula


Welcome to Money, Health, and Other Things! This is an educational blog in the area of Family and Consumer Sciences. The goal is to provide you with weekly educational articles and videos in the areas of financial education, health, nutrition, food safety, well water safety and anything else that benefits families and individuals!


Virginia Cooperative Extension

Virginia Cooperative Extension is an educational outreach program of the land grant universities here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our goal is to bring the resources of Virginia’s land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, to the people of Virginia.





My name is Glenn Sturm, and I am the Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent for Virginia Cooperative Extension serving the Middle Peninsula. What that giant mouthful means – I am a community educator in the area of Family and Consumer Sciences connecting the resources of the land grant Universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State, to the families and individuals in the counties of Gloucester, Mathews, Middlesex and Essex. If you’d like to make any suggestions for future articles, just let me know! I can be contacted at or 804-693-2602. I hope to hear from you soon!




Virginia Cooperative Extension programs and employment are open to all, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital, family, or veteran status, or any other basis protected by law. An equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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