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[Replay] Ways to Prevent Exercise Burnout

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For those needing some motivation to continue their health/wellness New Years Resolutions or just looking to be healthier in 2023, we’ll revisit some of our past posts on nutrition, health, and exercise. This week, we’ll discuss ways to prevent exercise burnout!

Here are some quick tips to prevent exercise burnout!

1. Add variety – for some people, doing the same exercise over and over and over can get old, fast. Switch up workouts and try something new, do your current exercise in a new location, or start doing your exercise with a new workout buddy, socially distanced of course!

2. Make it fun – dance, listen to music or books on tape, put the exercise bike in front of your TV during your favorite show, look for active events like biking groups, and find ways to make your exercises and workouts more enjoyable!

3. Challenge yourself – it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and only do the minimal amount of exercise. Add more steps or time to your exercises as you progress, or train for a run or a walk-a-thon. Create some challenging, measurable, and increasing goals to improve your health!

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