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[Replay] Ten Tips for Managing your Private Well Water Supply – Part II

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This week, we’ll wrap up our replayed post on ten tips for managing your private well water supply. Check out our post last week for the first five!

  1. All water tests should be done by a certified lab. After you receive your results, compare them to the standards set for public systems by the EPA, which generally serves as good guidelines for private systems, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
  2. Inspect your well annually for any cracks, holes, or corrosion, and ensure your well cap is secure. Every three years, or if you suspect a problem sooner, have your well inspected by a licensed well drilling contractor with a Water Well and Pump classification. For a list of contactors who provide well inspections, check out Virginia Household Water Quality Program’s Wellcheck initiative linked below!
  3. Keep careful records of your well installation, maintenance, inspection, and all water tests.
  4. If a well on your property is no longer in use, have it properly abandoned by a licensed well contractor. Wells that are left unsealed or improperly abandoned can serve as a direct pathway for surface water to enter the groundwater supply, causing contamination. Remember, ground water is a shared resource!
  5. If you have a spring instead of a well, make sure the spring box is sealed to prevent contamination. Springs are very susceptible to contamination, so be sure to test your spring every year for coliform bacteria! Continuous treatment for bacteria is often required to ensure spring water is safe to drink.

If you’re interested in getting your well water tested, please check out the flyer below and contact Glenn Sturm (me!) at or 804-815-9458!

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